On April 23rd, I married the love of my life…and became part of a very small minority… a Canadian woman married to a Korean man living in Korea. This is a blog about my journey from singledom to wedded wife…from independent woman to equal partner…from short term Korean resident to long term Korean family member. This is part of my honest attempt to negotiate my coming reality with the person I am. I hold a graduate degree in Asian religions - I'm an avid pilgrimager - I heart my husband and my cats, I love reality tv, I love my pink computer (although I don't know how to use it), I love cooking, I love wrestling with culture and ideas, I struggle valiantly with Korean, and I edit and teach grammar for a living but can't be bothered when it comes to my blog. I have the heart of a pantheist but the mind of a monotheist. I am imperfect and flawed, and I love this imperfect and flawed world.

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